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We admire the nature and say, ‘Wow!!! God created it…” A mother would look at her child and say, “Wow!!! I created it…” Likewise, if a teacher can look at each and every student’s successful life and say, “Wow!!! I created it…”, then no doubt we are constructing a society full of people with ethical values.

Education is not just about gaining degrees. It is about qualifying an individual to lead a successful life. Success is conditional. What appears as success to one might be nothing at all to another. If a person is good enough to give his best shot to all his endeavours, provide justice to his birth as a human being; he is no doubt a successful individual with respect to his stay on earth.

Whether the Educator is held accountable to a child’s life or the education system???– has always been a debatable topic. It is often seen that the blame is tossed on to one another. Focusing on the ability of the Teachers of the 21 st  century would be more understanding and sensible when compared to the emphasis on accountability. The teachers of this generation have the ability to create wonders and generate their own autonomy of teaching. No child is born as a blank slate. Every child is born with one or the other kind of talent. The role of the Educator lies in analysing the child’s ability. It is important to stimulate his/her ability and lead them towards their unique path of success.

It is always apt for Educators to be the leaders in the classroom and gain the students’ respect and honour. They should be a ‘guide by the side’ to the students. They need to wear multiple hats to bring about a collaboration of best practices and strategies for effective teaching. Teachers even take up to be evaluators, constantly assessing the students and providing suggestions for improvement. Having the best interest of every child at heart plays an important role in being a counsellor, a surrogate mother and someone to whom the child can open up without hesitation.

Education is supposed to be more of a cognitive process. The deliberate acts of memorization or the approach that emphasizes on enhancing the competencies through the theories involving tests and ranking system, would create more of a nerd and not a competent prototype.

Mentoring a child would be just like dodging a ball in a basket ball court. If the balance is maintained and if we shoot at the right time with right competency, the ball reaches its perfect destiny (the basket) smoothly. If at all the balance is lost, the ball is also lost.