Awards won by Sri Sarvajna Public School,one of the Best CBSE Schools Bangalore
Guiding and nurturing students at every step of their journey



Environment Day at Sri Sarvajna School
Imparting the values of service to the society by being a part of it.



Yoga session at the best CBSE School in Bangalore
The freedom to explore and learn from a world beyond libraries and books



Labs at the best CBSE School in Vijayanagar
Well-equipped and sophisticated laboratories to foster the inquisitive minds



Annual Sports Day at Sarvajna School
Ethics and Morals bring out the righteousness and makes a person strong to face life’s the challenges posed by life.



Sports day
Sports and games are as important as academics for a child to transform in to a better youth



Top school in Bangalore CBSE
Top school in Bangalore CBSE
A skill oriented curriculum means much more learning and fun, and a chance to explore real talent and ignite interests



Art at the Best CBSE School in Bangalore
An aesthetically welcoming campus that adds value to every moment a child spends at school



Value based Learning at the best CBSE school in Bangalore
Honour, Respect and Discipline are the basic lessons of life that we learn at school



Awards and Accolades have always inspired to equally weigh and encourage academia and sports at all levels