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Life as we all know it is never perfect. As kids, we all dreamt of being an adult so we could make our own decisions and be successful but now we only wish we could go back to childhood where everything was perfect! But during time, we all realise growing up was a part of life. But what we must also realise is that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

This is where life skills become important so we can make the most out of life and as parents, it becomes our responsibility to not only teach our kids these ‘Life Skills’ but also teaching them these life skills before it’s too late so they live a better quality of life without regrets.

Life skills are many! Here are the 5 most important life skills picked up for you to teach your child below the age of 10:

1. Good Manners:

Manners are the most important thing for parents to teach their children. Respect for oneself and others, being considerate to others, cleanliness, self-control, tolerance in handling the situation instead of anger, standing for justice, being fair and winning or losing gracefully all these qualities will raise the social IQ of a child and help them become a responsible and thoughtful person.

2. Honesty:

None of us likes to be lied to, do we? Lies only lead to more lies and making the circumstance getting worse. Teaching the child to be truthful and the strength of honesty is very important. The best way to encourage them to be truthful is being so yourself and help them understand the bond it can build with others over time.

3. Safety tips:

As kids, we all tend to hurt ourselves. Those scars that are slightly somewhere still visible are the best childhood memories we may have. Educating our kids on basic first aid tips and most importantly not over-reacting to them will help them and others around them during the times of need. Also, not to forget to educate them about harassment and making them understand what is right from wrong and teaching them all the appropriate measures to be taken during such times is very much necessary considering how brutal the world has now become.

4. Passion a zeal:

We all have seen the example given in the movie 3 idiots about how it would be if Sachin Tendulkar’s parents wanted him to become a singer and have realised how important it is to let the children follow their passion. Encouraging children to follow their passion and the zeal to achieve success in whatever they do and also learning from everything by not losing out on opportunities will surely help them create their own identity as they grow up.

5. Love and affection:

All living beings on earth deserve love and affection. Teaching the child to be loving and generous not only towards humans but also educating them and building awareness on how to love and preserve nature by planting and gardening, preserving the environment, being kind and affectionate towards animals and being just will help them become a better human being.