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Books play an integral part of students

It was a workshop for Teachers. “What makes a Great Teacher?” – was the topic of the workshop.

The participants introduced themselves. Twenty out of twenty five Teachers mentioned that they are in this profession by chance and not by choice. It neither sounded surprising nor ridiculous. I have heard such a response from many great Teachers as well. Initially a question used to haunt in mind – Though by chance and not by choice, they became Great Teachers. How?

A detailed analysis revealed several reasons. The most prominent of all was ADAPTABILITY.

A generation gap exists between students and their Teachers. At times the extent of gap makes the student visualize his Teacher as if a creature from stone age.

A student of class 3 was asked to describe his version of Teacher. His list read –

1. A Teacher should be decent, means, she shouldn’t speak when two other Teachers are having a discussion.

2. A Teacher should come neatly dressed.

3. She should follow the rules, meaning, she shouldn’t do anything without the Principal’s permission.

4. She should not ask the students to do her work, like, cleaning the board or passing the attendance register or asking them to call another Teacher.

5. She should respect the students work (she shouldnt scrap their projects or charts)

6. She shouldn’t use her cellphone more. She can use it to teach them.

7. She should not crack jokes with her colleagues before students.

8. She shouldn’t share her personal matters (information about her family and her kids)

The students of these days expect their Teacher to fit in the frame pre-designed by their mind. This has made the Teacher’s job more challenging. She has to juggle between her version of an ideal Teacher and the students version of a Facilitator.

Teacher is no more a source of knowledge. The students expect Teachers to be know it all personalities. They need to be guides who not just do the hand-holding job, but make their students strong enough to stand up for themselves.

Gone are the days when education was only a source to gain marks and ultimately a job with handsome salary. The current scenario is that that people have started believing that anything one is the best at can fetch you a living. It becomes the duty of every Teacher to change the chance to choice and put on multiple hats to mould the students to better human beings. The students should be taught he value of their self-esteem such that in their future money madness would not force them to eat dirt.

We at Sarvajna focus more on providing quality education for life and not just for marks. We expect to have children who can create a society with happy and self sufficient people, which in turn can be the driving force towards a developed India. We teach them to be realistic. Above all we fill in them the courage to accept their mistakes. We help them make decisions irrespective of the outcome. Our ultimate goal is developing a HAPPYCHILD.

Written by Ms. Prathima Patel, Vice Principal, Sri Sarvajna Public School