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Types of Learning in Sarvajna CBSE School in Vijayanagar

Learning is never an easy process. Be it mastering the basics of a concept or working towards learning complex ideas, each of us are unique individuals with our own preferred style of learning. Thus, it should come as no surprise that we all have our own preferred learning style. A style that allows us to best absorb and retain the necessary information. Although effort plays a very important role in achieving results, finding out what style suits you the best, helps prevent unnecessary or wasted effort.

In general, there are three different learning styles; i.e. Visual learning, Auditory learning, and Tactile / Kinesthetic learning. Figuring out which style best suits you, will ensure the results you want.

Visual Learning:

Visual learners are individuals who learn the best, when introduced to a concept through a written language or other visual formats like diagrams or pictures. Such individuals find it easier to learn when the teacher writes on the blackboard or uses a projector to explain a concept. Taking detailed notes and creating a picture in one’s mind to remember a concept is a second nature for such people.

Auditory Learning:

Auditory learners are people who find it easier to learn a concept through lectures, group discussions or audio tapes. Auditory learners retain the most amount of information when presented with concepts in such formats.

Tactile / Kinesthetic Learning:

Tactile or Kinesthetic learners are individuals who learn better when introduced to concepts through hands-on experience. For such learners, physically manipulating something in order to grasp the concept is extremely important. Holding an actual object in hand rather than viewing a picture of it or reading a description helps such people learn better and retain more information.

At the end of the day, whatever your learning style may be, repetition is the key to retaining information. Most individuals learn best when they repetitively go through concepts. One of the best ways to incorporate auditory, visual or tactile learning styles is to use flashcards. Flashcards, help users to improve their retention skills and better learn concepts that earlier eluded them.

When paired together with your learning style, repetition goes a long way in helping you learn better. Try to ensure that once you figure out what your unique learning style is, you make an effort to learn in a manner that complements it. Customizing your learning style will not only help improve your performance but also help you reach your academic goals faster.

At Sarvajana, we walk the extra mile to help identify what kind of a learner your child is. Our teachers ensure that your children are taught concepts in a way that helps them understand it best. Depend on the dedicated and caring professionals at Sarvajana to provide your children with a holistic education. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our admission process.