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Schooling is a part of Learning

Schooling is the foundation of knowledge being imparted to the child. It gives children a chance to learn, interact and learn social skills. The platform of education provides a child with the much-required knowledge and skills that he/she carries along with them their entire life. Since the child is going to spend close to 8 hours every day in an educational institution, its important for a child to acquire the capabilities of balancing the positive and negatives that come along with schooling experience. This balancing helps children to progressively take the experience forward and make it a learning as well as an enjoyable one.

Here are few schooling tips for parents: –

1) Get Them Involved

School or schooling is just not about the time spent in a classroom for a child. Its also about fun after school activities, hether its a sport or something of their specific interest. Encourage children to pursue their interest outside the class which indirectly reflects in their curriculum progression.

2) Be a role model

As a parent, you’re often the most influential person in your childs life. A child often looks up to you and learns from your behaviour patterns. Its important for you as a parent to set the right tonality in their behaviour and actions since the child learns it from you.

3) Set-up a homework routine

Homework is a big part of the school experience. Designating a homework space and defining a time for it helps children get organised and this could help them enable to garner more focus and provide them with an environment that fosters them to learn while doing homework and not just do the homework.

4) Reinforce Lesson

If you happen to notice your child has a specific interest in a subject. Spend more time with them in understanding how he/she can further enhance the learning experience in the same and make it more interesting for them to learn that subject further.

5) Overall Development

These days schooling is a holistic experience, gone are the days when the schooling curriculum is just about education. In the present scenario, the experience is more of developing hobbies and other skills that encourage the social factor f a child. Its imperative as a parent for you to keep on par with these developments to adapt completely as your childs teacher at home.