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Sri Sarvajna School’s History

The history of Sri Sarvajna Education Society dates to more than 40 years of value based Teaching. Incepted as Sri Sarvajna Education Society, our institution is built on the firm belief – “Knowledge is Supreme”. Our teachings reflect on the philosophies of the revered poet and philosopher, Sarvajna. Sarvajna in Sanskrit also means ‘omniscient’. Now, maybe we cannot know everything, but an effort is being made to educate children in order to transform them into responsible citizens. Upholding a real world approach, our teachings educate our children to rise above traditional learning methods and adopt a critical viewpoint of the outside world.

Known for his pragmatic approach in the early 16th century, Sarvajna educated and emancipated the common masses to give up superstitious beliefs, and purposeless traditions. At Sri Sarvajna School, we have imbibed the philosophies of the renowned philosopher into our teaching methodology, that lays the very foundation of ‘learning for progress’ in today’s era.

The ideals of the Secretary, Sri Mahadev Prasad B P and the collective and persistent efforts of our members have enabled us to work towards the upliftment of the society through the medium of education. Recognised and accredited by government and regulatory bodies, our organisation has firmly believed in imparting quality education.

Right or wrong, decisions have to be made! We at Sarvajna, teach a child that even a wrong decision can be changed to a right decision by taking right measures.

Our mission is directed by dedicated teachers who have helped us produce model citizens.

A New Beginning

From a legacy that has been an exhibition of greater values and teachings for decades, we have now arrived at a point of staying abreast to today’s world by adopting the CBSE methodology. While we evolve and formulate new learning techniques and methods, we also identify efficient ways of implementing and promoting the development of cognitive skills.

Sri B.P. Mahadev Prasad, the Secretary, with his able and effective leadership is fully committed to preserve the stellar legacy of the founder and lead this institution to the pinnacle of success.