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Importance Of Greeting

Human beings have always wanted to be social and inclusive. Acknowledging and respecting each other has been an integral part of inclusive behavior, and this leads to a healthy society.

Different cultures and regions have their own ways in which they acknowledge and respect one another. Despite differences, something that may be universal to acknowledging someone’s presence, status, existence, and respecting them would be a “Greeting”.

Respect is the golden philosophy the Indian society has been following always and has been passing on. Every time we greet someone, we are showing them that we acknowledge their individuality and respect them. This helps us create a good first impression in the other person’s mind too.

The long term effect of learning to greet someone with a smile is that it becomes a habit. When greeting becomes a habit, one does it involuntarily, thereby spreading positivity and cheer. A simple greeting in any language: Namaskara, Vanakkam, Salamaleikum, Good Morning, Sugam Thanney etc. can brighten the day for a person who greets, and the person who receives the greeting.

We, at Sri Sarvajna Public School, have come up with a simple practice to make “Greeting” a subconscious habit for our students. This practice is one of the several initiatives under our “Happy Child” philosophy. Being one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, we want our students to be exposed to more than academics. So, through our “Happy Child” philosophy and several interesting initiatives, we have integrated life skills with our CBSE curriculum, and are finding new ways to nurture and pass our culture to the future.

We believe that homes are the best place to cultivate good greeting manners. So, our students have been advised to greet everyone at home in the morning, after they are done with their morning ritual. The parents of our students bear testimony to the success of this practice. Many of them have said that this simple habit put a smile on everyone’s face at home. They also strongly felt and believed that our students have been learning humility and positivity because of this habit.