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Happy Child and Parent of Sri Sarvajna Public School Every parent wants their children to be successful in life; they want their kids to achieve more than what they have. Parents also sometimes go overboard by pushing them to study through the night. They even draw unreasonable comparisons and expect them to get 100% all the time. Although this pushing sometimes fetches the desired results, setting up too high an expectation can hamper their confidence. As a parent, it is best to find a good balance.

If you set high and unattainable expectations, they might feel like a failure upon not being able to achieve them. He or she might just give up. If it is too low, he or she might lack a sense of purpose and direction in life. The key is to find the right balance to help the child develop a healthy competence and self-worth.

When you set an expectation for your child, you need to stay a step ahead and see if it is attainable. It is the responsibilities they own up and ethics they follow, that determine their success, rather than mere marks on their report cards. As a parent, you need to understand their strengths and encourage them in areas of their interest.

Also, the way you put it across, your facial expression, your tone, your body language matters. If you make the child understand that the set expectation is attainable, half the problem is solved. The idea is to showcase your expectations as opportunities for them to excel and develop as individuals.

Research has shown that the simple act of praising on completing tasks creates a zeal to achieve more. It takes continuous effort right from childhood to gradually exceed expectations. They must enjoy every small achievement and should make deliberate efforts to raise the bar higher. In all this, parents should help children to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

Help your children take one step at a time. Raise the bar gradually, and soon enough, they will start showing interest in learning. Going by the logic, ‘It takes 10,000 tiny drops to make a bucket of water’.  Similarly, it takes 10,000 smaller steps to achieve greatness. As a parent, you need to stand by them along these 10,000 small steps. The most important thing to do as a parent is to be patient and guide them along their learning curve.