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Mission & Vision of of Sarvajna CBSE School

Imparting Quality Education to all.

Sarvajna’s aim is to provide students with the capability that would mould them into responsible citizens of future, armed with strong moral and social values.

We envisage the idea of constructing a society full of worthy human beings. We are and will be an institution where every student will learn to design his life in the best-suited way to survive the challenges posed by the competitive world. Our job is to enable our students to stand up for themselves. We empower our students with quality education to face the real world.

Sri Sarvajna School is successfully stimulating the students to discover their natural talents and simultaneously accelerate their academic progress. A creative, humble and thoughtful child is being nourished within the frame of an established value based system. The emphasis is on the true meaning of education which is said to be manifestation of perfection in individuals The Students here are taught to be realistic.