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NEE: New Era of Education

New Era of Education

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’

Often, the focus of education is merely directed towards the pursuit of gaining knowledge, and not the purpose behind it. However, there are always those that stand out among the crowd. Breaking down the conventional standards of plain academics, Sri Sarvajna Public school aims to impart quality education to its students. This not only prepares them to conquer the world of academics, but also gain expertise to face the challenges in various practical aspects of life.

During uncertain times, such as now, few schools base their curriculum purely on technological intensive grounds while others, who lack resources, inevitably wait for the normal classes to commence. Very few schools try to bridge the gap between the two. Sri Sarvajna Public school is on such institution that has come up with a meticulously designed curriculum, which seeks to bridge the gap between holistic classroom learning and virtual learning through online classes. This ensures an effective engagement between students and teachers, which is pivotal for creative learning. The school started its very own YouTube channel where teachers upload concise videos consistently, covering individual topics from the curriculum with diligent explanation. These classes are public on YouTube, thereby catering to the needs of all students and not just Sarvjnaites. The students are neither trammelled by long hours of online classes, nor do the parents have to buy expensive gadgets for the sole purpose of assisting these classes. Minimal internet and one smart phone in the family will suffice. Students are assigned projects which aren’t stressful; instead they trigger curiosity and awaken their questioning spirit.

This unique strategy to protect the best interests of students and parents has made it possible for the school to rise to the occasion and also uphold the vision of “Imparting Quality Education to All.”

The teachers’ honest dedication in making online classes fun, interesting and relaxing deserves tremendous appreciation. The impeccable execution of work from the zealous teaching staff has always been encouraged and supported by the Secretary of the institution, Mr Mahadev Prasad, who believes that ‘intelligence plus character’ is the true goal of education. The principal, Mrs Veena Vishwanath has given her utmost commitment in fostering discipline and individuality in students. Thus, the school promises a healthy learning environment, to channelize the children’s potential and talent in the right direction. It not only prepares the students to make a living, but also teaches them how to live.