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Learning begins at home and it scales to new heights when the child enters school. Both the parents and school authorities are committed to facilitate a healthy thriving ground for children. They want the children to emerge as good citizens with rational thinking and responsible approach. Every child is unique with a unique set of skills, yet the latent talent largely remains unidentified in the formative years. The resources and opportunities available these days are innumerable. Children fail to recognize the thin line drawn between the merits and demerits that come along with the opportunities. They end up giving in to distractions and fail to explore to his/her full potential. Lack of personalized attention can also act as an impediment in the path of learning. This can make them vulnerable to criticism from peers, teachers, family etc. This struggle with learning embroils them in a severe identity crisis. Today, the parents and school authorities are acknowledging the mental discomfiture and hence are ready to experiment with the options that go beyond classroom.

Why Tutoring Emerged?

School is the most accessible centre of learning for children. Most schools are reorganizing their curriculum with innovative teaching methods to make education an enjoyable experience for the students. However, in a classroom, few children may find it difficult to grasp and comprehend the given lecture or lessons, even though their minds are keen to learn more. The reasons could be varied; namely distractions in class from peers, discomfort or fear to ask questions, low attention span, etc. Here tutoring can be a beneficial supplement which offers the child to revisit and re-brush the topics they have missed out on during their class hours at school. Some of the tutoring options used currently are Home Tutoring, Coaching Classes, Online Tutoring etc.

School, the Viable Tutors!

The number of hours, children spend in school and the quantum of information he/she receives makes school the ideal ground of learning. There are more resources to offer and larger scope for advanced or remedial classes. The teachers hold a sense of accountability if a student lags despite extra care and attention. Hence qualified teachers who are thoroughly dedicated towards the welfare of students are inducted by school authorities. In the close-knit school community, students bond well with their teachers who mostly turn out to be role models for students in the formative years. The regular interaction with parents about a child`s progress is also an added advantage. With opportunities for extra- curricular available, students can also identify their true call and explore opportunities and discover their latent talent.