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Why is it that children today are more attracted to video games than comic books? A huge amount of thought, creativity and art have gone into designing those artistic little video games which encourages children to bring out their hidden artistic selves.

Technology has a huge potential but it will remain untapped until we start to think of it less like televisions and more like paintbrushes. That is, we need to start seeing computer screens not simply as information machines, but also as a new medium for creative design and expression. The more we learn about the abilities of technology, the more creative we become.

Technology, which is something that students love and use the most, can be of great help to us in this endeavour and here’s how various technological tools help enhance student creativity:

Blogs for creative thinking:Blogs are a great way for the development of creative thinking and enhancing writing prowess. It provides freedom to students to post whatever they want and comment upon or share each other’s material.

Cartoon and Comic Strip Tools:Students love cartoons and comics, we can tell this right from the shine in their eyes whenever teachers introduce such material into their lesson plans, students automatically get engaged more than ever.

Mind-Mapping and Brainstorming tools:Brainstorming on topics that are to be introduced to students has now become a great collaborative way in today’s teaching practices, which encourages students to think out of the box and creatively.

Video and Audio tools:There are many easy to use video and tutorial creation tools that students and teachers can use in their teaching and learning. Students can create their own videos and share them with their class, which can be a great opportunity for them to develop their creative skills.

Digital storytelling tools:Telling a story is a powerful way to communicate with others. It improves the creative skills of students and helps them explore the meaning of their own work and experience.

All these tools are creativity triggers that help students develop creative thinking and other essential skills. They are easily available and teachers should readily adopt them into their academic curricula, so that their students start incorporating a creative mindset, since it is vital for their all-round development.