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Thank you teachers

Thank you teachers

A teacher is said to be in love with learning, a scaffold to learners and a passionate force in bringing the two together – learning and learners.Here at Sri Sarvajna, our ever zealous teachers, yet again proved their commitment and avidity towards teaching and learning, and all this in under 30 days. When the corona pandemic rendered us immobile, and we could not start school as planned, our teachers had several challenges to face.

They had to first learn how to connect with the Leadership team, so their fears could be quelled and the way forward could be charted out. They had to learn how to have a meeting on something called “Zoom”. They accepted the challenge and attended the first meeting on Zoom on May 18. All of this, only to ensure that the students have a smooth and fun learning process. Hats off to all the teachers and their learning spirit!

The next challenge was to start online classes, and we started brainstorming. The school has the technology to support online classes, but many parents do not. Since the lockdown would not allow us to come to school, we had to come up with a plan. After a lot of discussion, we finalized on releasing pre-recorded videos on our Youtube channel: Sri Sarvajna Public School, on May 20.

The next hurdle faced by our teachers was to learn how to record videos, to make the classes lively when in front of the camera, to edit the videos and to upload them on Youtube. The fear of learning so much technology, in a short span of time, was hidden behind a smile, as their priority was to ensure that the children were engaged and their learning did not stop. Some of the team rose to the challenge as they were tech savvy and helped others come up to speed. They collaborated and worked wonderfully to show the world what “coexistence” meant. Kudos to you teachers!

While the parents are busy judging the teachers, I wonder how many of them would be ready to put themselves in this position, learn so much technology in such a short time, brave the judgemental remarks and carry on. The only objective our teachers havehad is to ensure Knowledge transfer does not stop. Their unwavering effort to better themselves and to pass on this giddy optimism to children has no parallel. Their motivation, love for their profession and the efforts to ensure learning for students does not stop, despite adversities, has no comparison anywhere. The fire in them has not died down, despite the fact that they are being paid only 50% of the salary, owing to the parents not paying the fees quoting schools not being opened as a reason.

The teachers are working harder than ever now, reshooting a video several times to ensure it is good, clear, fun, informative, and engaging; shooting several videos at once to ensure the classes are not stopped due to technological reasons and braving all the comments/remarks from the parents and public.

I cannot express in words as to how thankful I am to our teachers, and all those teachers out there, who are continuing to beat the challenges they face into a retreat. I am very happy and proud to state that I am one among the teaching fraternity. Kudos to you all teachers! Your hard work and the ever charged up energy will always be an inspiration to the students.