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Sri Sarvajna Public School speaking about the Festival of light

Every family has a set of unique traditions, whether it is an outing or a dinner date which often are regularized within families. Such acts help towards creating a greater bond that connects family members together, and regularization of them will result in building feelings of trust, care and love among one another. We have chalked down a few acts families can do to engage children in an emotional-personal way, and help them be a greater part of family traditions and gatherings which will have a positive effect on your child and its upbringing.

Capture Memories

Memories once created last forever. These memories become more special when created with your loved ones. Family traditions act as platforms where memorable moments can be created, remembered and reminisced over a period of time. Most of all, children remember these moments of love, when compared to Christmas cakes or New Year gifts. Hence it is important for a family to have a well-defined set of family traditions in their daily lives.

Planning Activities

Today’s children are bundled with a lot of activities on a daily basis, be it at school, band practice or even during coaching sessions amid this extremely competitive world. This is where family tradition act as solace that a child can look forward to once they are back home. Family gatherings like a Sunday brunch or Saturday night movie shows can be helpful to bring them close and help them bail out of their usual stress. These gatherings can also be used as avenues to bring that fondness among children towards family members.

Strengthen Family Bonds

A family plays a vital role in the life of children. Unfortunately, not all children have the best of relationships with their family. According to a report by listcrux.co, family traditions act as adhesive as well as cohesive forces that binds the members of a family together. Having sensible discussions and light talks during dinner time, or just making time to chit-chat on various aspects, be it emotional, professional or personal will greatly help the child mature in many aspects.

Provides a Sense of Family Identity

Family traditions speaks volumes about a family and its members. These traditions at a micro level, help children in getting a bird’s eye view of what their family was and what it is today. They give children insights of the family’s beliefs and customs. Traditions also act as reminders of family events at a macro level.

Historically, family traditions and gatherings have always played a pivotal role in shaping a child’s life. Following such traditions will only help in the overall development of your child’s emotional being.