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For a family to stay together, it is important to build a healthy relationship between the parents and the children. But lately, due to the influence of the busy lifestyle and modern technology, both tend to pay less attention towards each other. However, there is an easy solution for this concern: Time and Love. To strengthen the bond with your children, we at Sri Sarvajna have come up with a series of ‘Morning Routine Programs’ which focuses on creating a healthy relationship between you and the child. Here are some tips which will help you do so:

Begin your day with a smile
We advise you and your children to begin the day by waking up early in the morning and wishing each other at home a very good morning. Morning wishes bring warmth and induce positivity at home. In the modern world, where technology has taken over almost everything, small gestures like this can create a huge impact on your relationship positively.

Be independent, stay responsible
It is not advisable for children to depend on their parents all the time. Rather, they should learn to be independent by doing small activities such as taking shower, putting on the school uniform, collar tie and belt, packing their lunch, polishing shoes, and organizing the school bag. This will improve your child’s decision-making capacity enabling them to grow as a strong Individual in the future.

Positivity is the key
It is a great way to start the day by chanting prayers or mantras because it brings out the positive energy in you which also helps your child to improve his/her mental and emotional health.

Talk and listen
Involve yourself in most of your children’s activities by talking to them about their hobbies, interests, school life, and friends. It is also important for you to listen to them as children like to talk more about their life with you.

Relive each moment
Food tastes better when you eat it with your family. Small activities like eating and exercising together will allow you to spend time with your kids which will further let you express your love and affection towards each other.

These are some of the small but effective life movements that are being introduced at Sri Sarvajna’s Morning Routine Programs for a healthy parent-child relationship. It is in your hand to nurture and support the child so that they can have a beautiful future ahead!