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The knowledge of creation and utilization is a contribution of science and technology. The journey from a nomadic life to that of today seems outlandish. People initially might had laughed at the imagination of money dropping out of a machine, but the intervention of technology has not only made it a reality, but has also resulted towards one of the most successful inventions and contributions to the mankind.

Impact of science and technology depends on whether you want to kill more effectively or heal more effectively.

The world has become a very small place to live in, while almost every home has become a very big place with lot of unfilled spaces in between. No doubt it was science and technology which helped Ambani to raise India to the first place in data consumption, but, connecting people with the world has made them lose connectivity with their near and dear ones.

Technology when used to quench our thirst of keeping ourselves updated and in pace with the ever-upgrading world, it lays the path and foundation for inventions and discoveries to sprout for the betterment of life on earth. Else, it becomes the path leading towards destruction.

Written by Ms. Prathima Patel, Vice Principal, Sri Sarvajna Public School